A Video Hymnal

Ralph MiltonNo musician? No problem! This new collection of DVDs will add vitality and joy to your singing, whether the setting is worship in small congregations, seniors’ residences, small groups, or at funerals.

Sing Hallelujah! videos show musicians performing well-known songs from Voices United, More Voices, and beyond—with a touch of karaoke. The words of the songs scroll in clear, large letters across the bottom of the screen so that people can easily sing along.

This video hymnal features about 100 selections in five volumes —current favourites and classic hymns, all with a bright, contemporary sound—for use throughout the church year.

Featured musicians include popular and well-known contributors to music in the United Church: Linnea Good, Jim Hannah, Bruce and Cheryl Harding, Ron Klusmeier, Gordon Light, Jim and Jean Strathdee and others. These musicians, as well as all authors and composers, are paid royalties by the publisher, so when you buy Sing Hallelujah, you do not need to worry about any of that. You do not need to keep track of the songs you use, or pay fees to any music licensing agency. It’s like buying a set of hymn books for your pews, only much less expensive.

Available  from Woodlake Books
Price: $99.95 (full set set of 5 DVD). $24.95 for singles

This is being produced by Ralph Milton with financial assistance from BC Conference ProVision Fund and The United Church of Canada Foundation. It will be published by the General Council of The United Church of Canada.